Worth Fighting For | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 126

Worth Fighting For | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 126

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Faced with unsettling visions and a leering countdown, the Mighty Nein take stock of supplies, of lingering wounds, and of matters of the heart.

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  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    0:15 The NordVPN saga continues
    2:50 The ship nobody wanted
    5:15 Get knuckle deep in Nord Lore
    8:10 Laura’s merch corner
    9:40 Intro cinematic
    11:15 Episode Starts
    14:00 Recap Ends
    16:20 Don’t say G***
    19:45 Caduceus always smells good
    25:45 Beau is a nerd
    27:45 Fjord takes it off
    30:30 Speaking in unison
    32:55 Minimum tits
    34:00 Rub it out
    39:55 Jester puts some flair on Jester’s message
    42:35 Actualizing Steve Napolean’s hat
    46:00 TetsuBeau
    50:15 Jester has plenty of idols
    55:00 Pawning the ring
    57:00 Caduceus would never say ‘smokin’
    1:01:55 Yasha and the potionmonger
    1:08:45 The new nutter
    1:10:20 Beau and Veth shop together
    1:13:20 Are you gonna do it?
    1:14:10 Xhorhassian ladies
    1:15:30 Beau could be likable
    1:17:55 The Zemnian zine scene is thriving
    1:18:45 Beau and Caleb foreshadow so hard
    1:21:25 Jester gets the ring appraised
    1:30:20 Dancehall disguises
    1:33:45 Caleb favors his fortune
    1:38:10 Astrid and Caleb
    1:49:55 Fjord is attacked by ghosts
    1:51:45 Is Astrid conflicted
    1:54:35 Beau comes out of invisibility
    1:56:40 Lady D
    1:58:55What else did she say
    2:00:40 Jester drops an oops
    2:07:30 Fjord’s pecs are still sore
    2:12:25 Communing with Artie
    2:14:30 Fjord gets god smacked
    2:17:50 Veth goes off
    2:24:00 The date night begins
    2:25:25 Break Starts
    2:32:55 Art Montage
    2:41:25 Break Ends (Caleb narrates the date)
    2:45:10 Shall we?
    2:47:30 The Nestled Nook
    2:56:25 The Picnic
    3:04:00 Episode 1 nostalgia
    3:05:35 The cupcake dog
    3:09:45 She said it
    3:13:35 Mutual consent
    3:14:35 Roll initiative
    3:15:45 The hottest thing Beau has ever said or done
    3:20:30 Yasha battle angel
    3:23:35 Steam’s Respite
    3:27:50 Fireworks
    3:29:25 Meanwhile, outside…
    3:31:05 Episode Ends
    The in-game start date for the episode was the 29th of Brussendar 836. Sam’s flask says “Missing! Magic Stone Description: Glowy Rock size of Cheesewheel/Big Butterscotch Worth: Like 40,000 Plat Last Seen: Snowy Woods?” The back is still a collection of moustaches.
    The Blizzcon one-shot was posted yesterday, and it was really good. I’ve never played Diablo, so I’m sure I missed some stuff, but they were sure not to go too deep into lore. Justice for Spell Slots!
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. Henry Crabgrass
    "Consent is the only thing I ask for, or would if I could speak….I guess I can now."

    In tears after Caleb and Beau exchange. "….Why? Why this?" holds up notebook


  3. I think what would really top the Fjord ring journey is when they actually need it, it doesn't even have the normal fire resist. Like instead of reducing the damage in half it reduces it by a quarter lol.

  4. When Sam gets those high dex/acrobatic checks and invisibly dances through the patrons of the dancefloor, Veth should do 'dope Rogue shit'.

  5. Caleb is the best wingman EVER!!!!! The dude got not only one, but two of his party members laid. And with each other. Caleb has done so much for this group. That is why he will always be my favourite character.

  6. Hi, I'm looking for the music/soundtrack that plays during Yasha and Beau's date, in the first room/location(The Nestled Nook), Yasha speaks about how she wanted to distant herself from Beau because she was afraid that Lucien would see that Beau was important to Yasha and use that information in some way or something like that. I think the music/soundtrack starts at somewhere near 2:48:00 and ends somewhere 2:54:20. I appreciate any kind of help, thanks.

  7. I have to come back every other week or so to watch the Beau and Veth shopping scene. It's so hilarious – Sam breaks the rest of the cast three times in the span of a few minutes

  8. Rest in peace for Matt, Travis, and Brian who now have to compete with the stunning date idea of a magical tower filled with nostalgia trips, good food, fun fights, and a spa. That all 3 of their SOs got to experience the idea of, two of which took part in.

  9. Could they…
    Please try and…
    Stop it with…
    The very often…
    William Shatner esque…
    Talking paterns where…
    They say just…
    A few words…
    And have a…
    Long drawn out…

    It is incredibly…
    Irritatingly annoying when…
    This repeated patern…
    Emerges during certain…
    Supposedly "serious" conversations.

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