What Updates are Next for Super Troops?

What Updates are Next for Super Troops?

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Super Troops were added to Clash of Clans 1 year ago but what can we Updates could we expect in 2021? Judo Sloth Gaming discusses all of the information we know from the development team about what we know for future Super Troop Updates. Some community favourites are also included; clearly the Super Hog Rider was the fan choice! Clash On.

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:51 Super Troops ‘Updates’
2:31 ‘Secret’ Updates for Super Troops
4:46 Super Spells
5:52 Super Defenses
8:44 Super Troops added ‘Frequently’
9:50 Multiple Super Troop Versions
10:41 Boost more than 2 Super Troops?
11:38 Which Super Troop will be Next?
12:15 Super Hog Rider?
14:11 Community Favourites for Super Troops

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  1. A lava hound into a lava golem, basically when the lava golem dies, lava hound will pop out but reduced hp and drops a poison spell (depending of the level of your poison spell), damaging nearby enemy heroes, enemy cc and skeleton traps.
    this is great for QC strategies especially when your AQ is taking damage because of the enemy hero. (HP: 9500, HP of the LH: 2500, DPS: 75, Housing space: 50)

    An Ice E-dragon will be OP, basically if the e-dragon dies, not only it will self destruct and cause a barrage of lightning, but also drops freeze spell and freezing 1/4 of the base by 4.5 seconds. This will be great at shielding Balloons because they are vulnerable against Air Defenses. (Housing space: 35, HP: 4500, DPS: 180)

    Mecha P.E.K.K.A or Robo-P.E.K.K.A will be cool to see, it will target defenses and deals the same damage as the normal one. When it's destroyed, it will release 3 mini P.E.K.K.A's and deals 9x the damage of the hog rider. This troop will be useful in destroying the EA using the blimp with 1 rage spell. (HP: 8500, DPS: 1566, Housing space: 40)

    Like if you agree to this suggestions

  2. Hi, judo, i hope you see this, regarding Super Hogs, in my opinion heal might be a bit too strong, but imagine something like a Swan song, but a Rider song, when a hog rider dies, they spawn a protective shield, like a ''HOOOOOG RIDEEEEEEEEEEEEER'' scream, a bubble for example for 5+ seconds that repels airborn projectiles, like, arty, scatter or mortar, maybe even bomb/wiz tower for balance, but direct such as archer tower, canon and Xbow still deal dmg

  3. just imagine super loon:

    with extra damage and when it dies it drops the mega skeleton just like super witches but of lesser hitpoints

  4. add a super troop that is like a pekka and a golem
    if it dies it should just be golem death but stronger death explosion
    still spawns 2 mini pekka golems at death

  5. I think a heal spell drop would be realistic if you just made it like 15 housing space you could use like 2 or get 2 in your cc with a seige barracks and they would go up with the hybrid as like a support hog

  6. I reckon for a super hog they should do something like the ram rider in clash royal? 15 housing space with the ability to slow down defences, the hog rider will have a bigger hog.?

  7. how about a last stand like the cannon carts on super hog riders? another suggestion is air healer (super healer ) healing both air and ground troops

  8. I hope it’s super pekka for main base but instead of just exploding after they die every hit they do a lightning spell get dropped randomly and when they die a lightning spell get dropped on every single building and some mini pekkas drop out exit also if you think about it a super Valkyrie is a female lumberjack

  9. Another type of Super Witch, that would control poison… I really like the poison effect, and I would like for it to be more popular. And a witch that's related to poison would really make me happy(no idea about its special ability, I personally dont like thinking about that)

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