Streamer/Cheater Exposed for Having Aimbot w/Controller in Warzone | How to Spot When Players Hack

Streamer/Cheater Exposed for Having Aimbot w/Controller in Warzone | How to Spot When Players Hack

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Talk about how players are using Aimbot and are getting exposed in Warzone. Shared Stat Sheet: …

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  1. A few others are also, it is clearly obvious with the AMAX as that thing has allot of uncontrollable horizontal recoil & bounce but in the hands of this group of YouTubers it doesn't move & it is obvious they are scripting.

  2. That's not how aimbot works and also he has a lot of insight in using hacks so you can assume this dude has used hacks before himself this is why a lot of streamer are being done.

  3. I simple LOVE your content ma man. I did get banned like 2.5 weeks ago on my first day playing after not playing for like 5 weeks (had to work a lot). I never recieved an email from Activision or even an answer when I tried to recover my account or see what happened. I do not know if my account was hacked while i wasn't using it? It's just so frustrating after I had this account since the release day of MW game and I had every season pass since day 1. Now i had to start from scratch loosing all my progress and purchases. Any ideas on what I can do to at least get an idea of what happened? or is it a "lost cause"?

  4. It's hilarious how they can get 25 different rappers in a trailer video, use a ton of CGI. But they can't spend the money on anti-cheat lmao.

  5. For aim assist sometimes if someone drops past in front of me it’ll drag my screen down a solid 30/40 degrees and then snap back and that’s the only time I’ll ever see it lock on

  6. never understood why cheat…. ok you maybe not good for multiplayer but where is the fun if you win all the time and doing so with a cheat not getting better at it … where is that feeling after a tight win over other player with one armor or in tight spot, go and play offline on easy mode then ( almost all fps i play is on easy i like it causal after work i don't want to go trough the stress of hours of play on one mission ) but why do you do it on multiplayer there is no fun in that for me at least…

  7. And this dude is not even trying to hide he is cheating, I wonder how many players are just good at hiding it, and get away with it

  8. Whos immortal was cheating there's 2 specific clips 1 from 6 days ago next to the superstore, and yesterday with 0 recoil with an ffar in the first 0:35 seconds of the clip

  9. They need to use anti cheat in all cod games. Just flag high accuracy rating for review. The auto aim in Cronus does not miss often. Then, permanently ban the Cronus user's online account from gaming using the cheaters IP address.

  10. That aim drift after a player dies and there's nothing to lock onto anymore.
    I swear, I saw exactly that in another major streamers recent upload.
    I don't want to name them, I'll just say they played with ZLaner the other day. I know I know, here come all the simps just because I merely mention ZLaner in another hacking comment but man I thought it was seriously fishy before seeing this. Now I'm certain this other guy is using soft aimbot and avoiding rage hacking.
    Edit: it's NOT doc.

  11. what's priceless is that a cheater will never be a PROUD winner. Cheaters should be called haters. They undermine people who have put in thousands of hours of gaming to be good. Activision shouldn't allow these guys to set up new accounts by identifying some ID that let's them know it's the same cheater with a different email and username but same IP or address or router (beyond my depth on that)…serial number of their device even. Cheaters will never have the feeling of satisfaction

  12. its still all over the place… saw a controller player snap aim 360 hs a dude for 400m… that just doesnt happen on controller even at max sens on controller….. this is why people do not play FPS anymore

  13. did JGOD just say good players know how to use aimbot properly? as in pros? as in all these streamers? no… that's not right

  14. Around minute 10:00 the locking on issue. I have that with my ps4 as well, sometimes when I parachute in, it locks onto an enemy (usually flying below me) and tracks them for a second. Could be this guy was cheating though of course, but just saying it happens to me frequently and actually drags my focus point quite a bit to the side. Just fyi

  15. Sad thing is in rebirth you can own someone and then they'll respawn come back and lock on to you like this one out of four times

  16. The guy was gliding, he wasen't aiming, do you really need to explain why it wasen't aim assist? Are people that dense? He wasen't aiming, therefor not aim assist. Wtf…

  17. That locking on when at super store happens to me all the time when gliding in. Ps4 Pro. I actually lock on only when gliding in every single time…

  18. good vid and honestly it's pretty common in my opinion, even in casual GW or TDM matches. but of course if you say sus to anyone you just get called trash.

  19. I have been a controller player for 8 years and the aim assist doesnt looks and feels like thtat, even with the highest aim assist it simply isnt like that

  20. ppl actually think all that stuttering while he was gliding is from aim assist? LMFAO
    thats just from ppl who are absolute trash on KnM and are wanting to feel better with themselves so they exaggerate how strong aim assist is. "I am using the superior KnM, and I am still getting dumped on. I am gonna convince myself aim assist can do somehting as crazy as this to make me feel better".

  21. Aim assist is cheating against players who don't have the option to use it. I think everyone would be happier to have the option to turn off crossplay

  22. The modern processing regionally encourage because entrance jekely heap notwithstanding a graceful activity. sweltering, defiant health

  23. Hey jgod can u do a video on what it looks like frame by frame playing with the standard aim assist , linear and precision so we can see the difference between that and cheaters aim bots

  24. I’m guessing Twitch has no problem with cheaters on the platform? Why doesn’t everyone that hates twitch leave? Grow a backbone

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