Pet Update for No Man's Sky? I Just Spent A Few Hours Looking Through the Files & Experimental Notes

Pet Update for No Man's Sky? I Just Spent A Few Hours Looking Through the Files & Experimental Notes

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Pet Update for No Man’s Sky is the word in the verse at the moment, so I’ve gone through all the game files over the last several hours and found some …

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  1. Just going to leave this here…

    NASA has an acronym for PETS specifically payload and environmental transport system (P.E.T.S.).

    My best guess is a bybrid update with actual PETS, space components (for transporting the beasties), and possibly new enemies.

    All I can say with certainty is this should be at least a decent size update and I wouldn't expect it to drop before week of (3/14 – assuming Sunday is the start of the week) as this would be 6 months since a named update. That being said we did get weird as hell Yoko Ono Bot retweet with a thinking emoji on 1/13/2021 ("No Man is a pie". That being said my best guess for update drop is 4/13 due to that tweet (specifically if you convert letters to closest looking numbers you get P=4, I=1, E=3).

  2. I think having pets would be a total waste of a update. I mean what would you do with a pet. Even your character doesn't need to eat or drink. So I just don't get the need for a pet.

  3. I hope u can own any animal u see, name it and then follow you everywhere if you wish. That will be a good excuse to travel even more

  4. I just want some more realistic terrain. Water at different elevations, rivers that flow down hills, snow capped mountains that have treelines and multiple biomes on each planet. Actual signs of civilization here and there. Love the game and everything they're doing with it.

  5. I really hope this becomes a thing because I would rlly love a pet! Even if it just follows u around and does nothing 😂🤣

  6. It would be nice if we could display the pets we've kept in a base structure whether on land or in space so that we and others can tour each others zoos. If the pets merely reside in an inventory slot and can be summoned to a planet for us to walk about with Beast master style that would be nice but not enough. I like the idea of travelling the galaxy with a travelling space zoo collecting creatures, but there needs to be that display cabinet element. Even tanks/cages/rooms/fields so that we can add individual creatures to bases for a cool aesthetic decoration. I guess we could add a number of creatures to a base for milking purposes or reproduction for meat, but that is another step. Who knows.

  7. I wanted something like this for a long time.. i hope we can collect dna and clone our own creatures at some point in this game to keep as pets or populate planets with

  8. I got a real puppy back in November. Now instead of rotting my brain in front of a screen I'm out getting fresh air and exercise 🙂

  9. any additions are good and free updates hello games still keep em coming although pets I can honestly say I ain't that bothered pokemon is just not my go to

  10. Either were getting some kind of robotic pet seeing as how the the"cosmetics look robotic OR were getting shipp customisation because there was a wing that looked like it belongs to a ship and all those parts could probably form a ship

  11. im still waiting for trains to be added so we can have a station to the trade hub and one to the base and have mine carts for all the mining you do

  12. Its not hard to believe that they really just did performance work, because that was needed after the console releases. And they sneaked a part of an update in, to reduce download size in the future or to test stability before launching in the "near" future. But also i only have 100h on NMS and not that familiar with the update strat of the dev-team

  13. Those look like spaceship wings maybe they're finally giving us a way to customize ships!! A few months back I had made a request with them to add pets in modular ship parts to the game…
    so if they did add both of these then it would make sense that they would be coming in the same update..

  14. They could bring pokemon to the game. Imagine you can catch any creature and it would have some combat moves and you could fight with other travellers.

  15. I was hoping there would be an ark. And we could collect any animal in our ark. Perhaps all those accessories are for building an ark in space

  16. pets… just like fallout 4… and we will name him dog meat… it's all good… they will pack for you…. and maybe protect you from sentinels,,,,,

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