Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Classes Guide – Alchemist, Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard & Bloodrager

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Classes Guide – Alchemist, Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard & Bloodrager

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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Classes Guide – Alchemist, Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard & Bloodrager
We had the opportunity to play the Beta of Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous and we have created this classes guide to help you get started! Find out all of the Classes and Subclasses info on Alchemist, Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard & Bloodrage available in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous


0:00 – Classes Guide Intro
0:14 – Alchemist
0:54 – Chiurgeon
1:11 – Grenadier
1:34 – Incense Synthesizer
2:03 – Metamorph
2:16 – Preservationist
2:27 – Vivisectionist
2:43 – Arcanist
3:11 – Brown-Fur Transmuter
3:34 – Eldritch Font
3:59 – Unlettered Arcanist
4:17 – White Mage
4:39 – Barbarian
5:10 – Armored Hulk
5:22 – Beastkin Berserker
5:32 – Invulnerable Rager
5:46 – Mad Dog
6:01 – Pack Ranger
6:14 – Bard
7:08 – Archeologist
7:25 – Beast Tamer
7:40 – Dirge Bard
7:54 Flame Dancer
8:13 – Thundercaller
8:29 – Tranquil Whisperer
8:44 – Bloodrager
9:47 – Bloodrider
10:00 – Greenrager
10:20 – Primalist
10:35 – Spelleater
10:48 – Steelblood

Alchemist – Alchemists use alchemy to create explosive artifacts that can be used in battle and mutagen, a brew that can be used to enhance physical abilities.

Arcanist – Rather than focus on the innate abilities of their bloodlines or the research and study of the arcane magic, arcanists use their unique insight into the workings of magic to apply both approaches at once. Their distinct views on magic, extensive knowledge, and tremendous potential often leads them down reckless paths in pursuit of greater powers. Like a wizard, arcanists may call a familiar.

Barbarian – Barbarians excel in close-quarter combat. They have high health and damage reduction and have a unique ability called rage that boosts their physical abilities.

Bard – Bards can use abilities that boosts his and ally’s abilities in a range. They are fit for any role but work best as supports.

Bloodrager – Bloodragers possess an innate ability to engage arcane powers from their bloodlines through sheer rage. Their anger can draw them into a state of bloodrage that manifests their fury in supernatural ways determined by their ancestral heritage.

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  2. Unlettered Arcanist is a serious trap. It is NOT good, please do not take it. Just play Witch if you want Witch. Arcanist Exploits are good, but they don't gel as well with the Witch Spell List.

  3. So a Brown Fur Transmuter casting Enlarge Person gives a +4 size bonus to strength? I don't suppose that bonus would also apply to the -2 dexterity hit that you take, negating that malus.

  4. Advice: Blood rager needs 14 charisma to know all the spells he can know, the rest goes into STR and STA and you should only use buff spells or utility spells.
    Thx for showing all the classes.
    BTW, the Primalist is considered one of the broken pathfinder classes and I have seen people ban it. Just in case anyone wanted play with a broken OP class.

  5. 3:30 the Eldritch Font's surge ability is the same ability the arcanist already gets at level 1. The difference is the bonus is +2 instead of +1, and it has a detriment applied to it.

  6. 2:35 I don't know if you've ever played the Tabletop game before, but archetypes replace existing features with new ones. The vivisectionist cannot throw bombs because sneak attack replaces that ability. This is also how it was in the first game.

  7. I'll probably make a Alchemist/Vivisectionist run someday but Bard/Archaeologist, what ever Rogue subclass I decide to use for my initial Rogue run, or both will come first. And it might get bumped further back by other class/subclass combos.

  8. Worst alchemist guide ever.
    How about you say that not only alchemist get access to wizard buffs, but also able to use on allies buffs that wizards can only buff on themselves?
    How about you say that bombs has all strongest control options and can reduce enemies saving throws?
    How about you say that vivisectionist get access to rogue special talents and advanced rogue special talents?
    I can only imagine what you not saying about other classes.
    That is NOT a good video.

  9. What do you mean with "you're not gonna deal that much damage as an alchemist"… in kingmaker at least jubilost was an absolute terrorist.

  10. Man i played kingmaker on steam after a good amout of time since its release and it still had a million of gamebreaking bugs, and seen how the game just grown in content size i get a little worried, almost every week it was geting a small patch… but if you get past the bugs and cheap enemys you could play a really good RPG masterpiece. i have high hopes for this and will probably give it a try!!

    Thank you for the video!!

  11. I loved Kingmaker, but I wish the Owlcat Games would have the wisdom of recognizing that making too many classes means they will have TOO many bugs and quirks to fix for years after release (again). That said, their team is quite bigger, but still they make HUGE games.

  12. Wow, I can't believe how many classes and variants they have added. I can't wait to try it out. I hope they release a playable product this time; kingmaker was so riddled with bugs it was hard to finish. But the final product is truly a masterpiece.

  13. The companions available will greatly influence my choice … Like does the party need a super-high-AC character (à la Valerie [Tower shield] or Bruiser [Scaled Fist monk]), is there already a Bard companion, etc. EDIT: BUT it will be sooo hard to choose: so many new weird archetypes! (which fits for a Mythic campaign).

  14. Do not buy this game! Owlcat is a studio that shouldn't be trusted, i bought pathfinder five months ago and its still barely playable because of all the bugs, dont give them money!

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