NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents TIER List – Valorant Patch 2.06

NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents TIER List – Valorant Patch 2.06

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  1. Brimstone is outclassed by omen in almost every way
    Sage is a s tier agent
    Raze is a s tier agent
    Come on man this tier list is horrible
    Actually play the game man

  2. This video is simply bullshit, Jett isn’t even A tier she is a b tier because she isn’t a must pick and omen is a s tier since he is a team player and he is the only one who can deploy smokes to anywhere in one position. The only tier I agree on this is sova who I personally thinks deserves a s tier since his sig ability is really useful

  3. Unpopular opinion: Phoenix is the best solo queue agent, and is better than reyna. He has the ability to molly, cut off line of site, which both also heals him. He has flashes that are hard to dodge, and his ult turns the game into a 5v6 and allows a free trade, or even just info gather. Reyna is just a worse Phoenix

  4. i do not understand i am an sage of many few witch is not right but ik from experience at least A but s is where she is meant to be

  5. Thank you for the informative guides (by pro's!) This really helped me improve at the game (as it is tips by pro players) I will now subscribe to the ProGuides Valorant Tips, Tricks and Guides Youtube channel as these tips are very good (because they are by pro's)

  6. Lmao on the reasons for cypher. Literally without listing a actual reason just say kill joys better. I'd say cypher is more of the jack of all trades sentinel he may not have the best version of each ability but he can do what all the other sentinels can do to a smaller degree. Intel gather with wall hacks like sova with cams and wires, set it and forget it traps like kill joy (granted they don't do significant damage but I'd say gather better intel), push delays with one way smokes mixed with wires to get the easy kills. This tier list is bunk

  7. i think that sage is around the B, also reyna is still A, I would personally also move up cypher. this is my opinion and it’s from my hundreds of hours on the game.

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