NEW! How the drone shop works | Rust update 30th January 2021

NEW! How the drone shop works | Rust update 30th January 2021

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Fresh off the press, we have a visual and now know exactly how the drone shop will work in Rust, here’s a new update with everything you need to know right …

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  2. lets say hypthetically you raid a base near the outpost, and get like 6k gp, could your homie at base put down a vending machine, that sells one human skull in exchange fore 6k gp, and then have the impervious drone deliver your gp to base?

  3. What if I have my vending machine behind a Window Frame instead of a Door Frame? Will it still work with the delivery system? What if I add Metal bars and Embrasures? Will it still work?
    Or better yet: what server can I test it on?

  4. Wouldn't it make more sense if it had not fee, but a cooldown like 30 minutes? that way, you'll avoid numerous abuse of mechanic.

  5. Clarifying question – Can the drone access the vending machine if there is an open wall? Or can the drone only access the vending machine if there is no ceiling?

  6. SO THEORETICALLY, if u have all ur boom outside in a vending machine, u can just fly it all away with someone "buying" it from your vending machine? if you are getting raided?

  7. They are making Rust too easy and taking away the thrill of it. It literally is all about walking the who knows how much squares to get your loot home safely with your heart beating 500bpm

  8. Nice now everyone can have a spawn base in snow and not have to risk it all they can put up a shop for 1 scrap and buy their entire farm amount and have it delivered to their base, good job face punch 😬

  9. You know it would be cool if we could control them like and they have a camera on them so you can check out like a base you want to raid for example. I'm thinking 1 CCTV camera, 20 High Quality, 100 meatal frags, and a small battery to make it. And then you also have to make a controller for it?

  10. you could use this to safely transport items with good timing a clan could sell gear cheap wile some other member buys it with a drone

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