"New Family" – Minecraft Story Animation

"New Family" – Minecraft Story Animation

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Batpunkgirl Past Story Series (Part 2)
Check out the previous episode!▼
Part 1 “Time” :

Use Map :
Batworld city, Full House Sewer

Use Music :
kevin macleod – piece of mind
kevin macleod – on the passing of time

Wolf rig by “앵종”

Second Video “Super Vampire” Credit

use Map :
Batworld city, Carissa Temple

Use Music :
Kevin macleod – Ghost story
Kevin macleod – I knew a guy
Kevin macleod – Ghost processional

Outro :
Joakim Karud – Vibe With Me

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Batworld instagram :
(You can check out many Batworld art in instagram)

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  1. So I want a confirmation
    is this Bloodpunk 2:22 ?
    True this girl looks similiar but its hard to tell lol becaue Batman4014 didn't really specify
    If it is Bloodpunk then Bloodpunk backstory coming soon lol.

  2. 0:53 This started out as some underground revolution, then somehow they went to the city and became one of it's most dangerous gangs. The people that broke into Walrium's house and killed his father, they each had one of the card symbols on they're faces. We don't see members of different gangs working together anymore, so they've probably seperated. In Batman 4014's birthday video, Bloodpunk's wall has these symbols on it, some are crossed out, meaning either they're at war with each other, or they've been wiped out.

    Batman 4014 if you find this comment, I just wanna say you're an absolute genius with the way you've handled this story. Keep it up!!
    Edit: and thanks for the heart!! ♥️

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