Just Made It! | Scourge Plays Chocobo Racing | Part 1

Just Made It! | Scourge Plays Chocobo Racing | Part 1

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Clearly this video is not one I worked seriously on and I didn’t even meet the April Fool’s deadline I set myself on. I just thought of trying out recording, editing, rendering, and uploading in one day to see what the quality would look like with a last minute session. I recorded early this morning, did some chores, edit the video loosely, then rendered and uploaded. There wasn’t a script, it was completely (and poorly) made up on the spot and chopped up afterwards to try and make it better. I promise future uploads will be better all around and not rushed in a single day!

Chocobo Racing is for the PlayStation 1. I may return to play the game more, I may not, depends on how well received it is. The game’s music was removed because I’m not sure if it would get me a warning or not, but I replaced it with a couple royalty free songs.

Music featured in the video:
Going Higher – Bensound.com
Up Beat Pop Rock Bakground Music – FreeVibes
Twelve Speed – Slynk

Sound effects such as censoring occasional swear words, celebrating victory, and mocking failure were provided by Freesound.org.

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