Is The 2021 McLaren F1 Car Illegal?

Is The 2021 McLaren F1 Car Illegal?

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Today we’re delving into one of the topics that dominated #F1 pre season testing in #Bahrain . We’re talking about the McLaren MCL35M’s diffuser. Donate on …

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  1. McLaren did nothing wrong. Unless the FIA ever pulls their collective heads out of each other's backsides, they will continue to create rules with lots of loopholes. I think this is done 100% on purpose, because a person with average intelligence could easily write exclusionary design parameters. Here's an example: "Any part of the rear diffuser may extend no further than 100 mm aft of the rear axle centerline (or other dimension from a defined point) as viewed from a left or right side view." See? This is not complicated language, nor is it lawyer-speak. But then there would be no drama, right?? The FIA needs drama to keep the circus alive!! LOL

  2. "people copy car/items" hurdur thats illegal you suppose to make your own things (not completely true either but w.e.) …. "people actually design and make sure it doesnt get straight copied their own things" hurdurdur thats illegal… blabla … rly kiddos? ….

  3. A simplified rule explanation for the car. The diffuser strakes have to be a certain distance from the area of the floor they are attached to, since the floor in that part of the diffuser is slanted they can have longer strakes there. If that part of the diffuser was flat the strakes would end at the same distance as the rest.

  4. "Is The 2021 McLaren F1 Car Illegal?" The best people to ask are probably Ferrari. I'm sure they will have "insight" to every team. "If it's easy to copy why hide it in the first place?" Come on everybody, take a look at our car, this is so easy to copy, you'll have fun! Doesn't really make sense, does it?

  5. The Maclaren is not illegal, nor is the rear as shocking as reporters and sky make out. Analysts that have looked at this have even said that other teams looked at this design as it was an obvious move, but because of other parts of the car and airflow all other teams decided it wouldn’t be beneficial to them.

  6. When the other teams saw that diffuser, they ALL agreed that it was legal. ALL of them ! NO exception. All they had to say was : «WHY didn't we though of that ourselves ?»

  7. They explained why the car wasn't at the launch. The launch was the day before their media day at Silverstone and was being prepared and transported to the track . People read to much into stuff.

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