Is Sprint Race Qualifying Actually a Good Idea for Formula 1? | Racing Reviews Podcast #003

Is Sprint Race Qualifying Actually a Good Idea for Formula 1? | Racing Reviews Podcast #003

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This week Formula 1 announced a brand new sprint Qualifying concept to be trialed at three Grand Prix during the 2021 season. But is this new quality format …

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  1. I’m open with this idea. But hopefully they wouldn’t implement it for the whole season, maybe 3-5 races for the meantime. Also, they could make it more lucrative for the backmarkers to provide genuine questions about the top and midfield teams.

  2. To those worrying about the Friday qualifying because they're at work: boohoo deal with it us weekend workers have had to deal with that for ages. 😂

  3. Racing Reviews: Push, push, push!

    Me: Im trying to extract everything I can from this podcast, but Im slow and confused.

  4. Let's be honest. The current race weekend has been there forever – it's not perfect science
    Test and try new things, what everyone thinks isn't what will actually happen
    3/21 races is not a lot and definitely worth a try

  5. The best thing that could happen in F1 is sticking Lewis in a crap car, then he can show he belongs with the greats. Otherwise, he will forever be remembered for just having the quickest car.

  6. Why does everyone still talk about Russel getting into Q3 and how a sprint race will ruin a chance of points? If the Williams is not fast enough, then a sprint race or not, then in a normal dry race, Russel will not be scoring points in that car. Look back at Canada 2013 for example. Bottas qualified p3 in a dog of a Williams that scored 5 points all season. The race was dry and he was out of the points by lap 10 because he was surrounded by far faster cars

  7. 46 races a season, which is what the new qualifying will be, is just nonsensical to ask of any of the teams. Just read A Mechanic's Tale by Steve Matchett of his time back in the mid-90s with Benetton. Even 16 races a year was enough to burn out any crew member hard, even if they didn't literally catch on fire during Jos Verstappen's incendiary pit incident.

    F1 just wants money, not sustainability. Ironic.

  8. It's going to be track by track along with the weather, etc. that will dictate if the Qualifying race is enjoyable and/or offers up some kind of mix up. I'm glad it's a trial at this point and they are trying at different locations. The biggest thing is the Parc fermé rules on those weekends. That could end up having a big impact.

  9. The best rant lol
    Don’t forget the Albert Park track is being over hauled and that fingers crossed will bring more spice.
    We f100% Need South Africa.
    New design rules next year will bring great racing I am confident.
    Leave the font as it is as Friday’s will be missed by so many due to work commitments as the Quaily ser up is so good. Also Friday ud affordable and I can see ticket prices for fans going through the roof.
    Any way. That’s NY RANT
    We love your channel and keep up your FANTASTIC WORK
    All our love
    Nige and Debs, Down Under 👌👍🏼

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