Core Games: Create, Publish, and Earn

Core Games: Create, Publish, and Earn

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With Core, you can create multiplayer games, using the power of Unreal Engine, with opt-in complexity- no coding or art skills required! Visit to download, play, and create for free in our Open Alpha today!

Join our Core Invitational game jam with $120,000 in prizes! Visit to apply! Details below!

Core Invitational:
Apply for the Core Invitational, a game dev competition from March 4 – April 5 with $120,000 USD in prizes. Only 50 creators will be accepted, so submit your portfolio today. Make the most awesome game in Core in just one month against other indie game devs, creators, and modders.

Open to all experienced and talented creators. Learn on your way, no prior experience in Core needed. All creators accepted in the Core Invitational (excluding the Category and Special Awards winners) will receive $1,000 USD for submission of a valid entry to support their game dev dreams!

Thanks to all the amazing Core creators who helped us create this video.
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Core is free and in Open Alpha. Start creating and playing now!

Try Core today by signing up at | Core API Documentation & Tutorials: | Core Creator Forums:

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  1. Core is cool but there little customization and for a pro developer not having code has more disadvantage than advantage and it use full but a full pre made game is not what i am go for

  2. This is so cool! I have an idea for a game. Who knows maybe one day I’ll be really successful and look back on this very comment. 😏😏😏

  3. You piqued my interest. Currently exploring the tools from the early access and hoping to create my first game in the coming week 😄

  4. I just created a game using this engine. The templates help a lot even tho I'm a complete beginner it was a great step. Learning coding would be a huge help cause there are elements that I can't get to work for the life of me. The Map creation is my favorite part. If you publish your game it doesn't show up on their New Games tab, which is a shame cause how would people discover you?

  5. I have a Unique and special idea that I have in mind for a game to make, how big is the gaming terrain allowed to be? Like, is there a limit to how big the game can be or is there really no limit on that?

  6. And when something like a million games get published per day.. good luck having any visibility or chance to reach an audience. Even today, lots of indie games published have close to zero players. There are really good games on Steam, games made by experienced devs, in possibly years of development, who have close to zero reviews and no active player base. So uhm.. yeah.. imagine 1 million or more games published per day, like videos on YouTube. The vast majority will never be played by anyone.

    But this is clearly the future. We will have AI generate all creative content, in absolutely ultrasupermassive amounts. Books, films, games, music, all generated in more or less real time. You want to read some good sci fi? You hit a Create button instead of reading book reviews for popular titles. You want a new game franchise? You just tell the AI.. surprise me with some dark horror and honey farming mechanics.. Or whatever. O o There will be no more popular titles, no more Hollywood, no more studios, and no more jobs. Only AI. And people with mobile phones, clicking on Create buttons.

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