Cars F1 drivers drive to the track

Cars F1 drivers drive to the track

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From inexpensive Honda Civics to luxury Mercedes G-Wagons, the range of vehicles that ferried the F1 drivers and from the Bahrain track was impressive.

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  1. Ferrari are traditionally driving Alfa Romeo's, maybe they were hard to supply in Bahrain so they used Maserati's. Raikkonen and Giovinazzi are also driving Stelvio and Giulia. Schumacher should also use a Alfa Romeo as a company car, being a Ferrari driver, but got a Jeep instead. Maserati and Jeep are also in the Stellantis family, hence being used as a substitute. That's my guess at least.

  2. This video autoplayed, I am glad that it did though cause Kimi Raikkonen would be totally the best at being completely incognito.

  3. TLDR: what car did the F1 teams provide in Bahrain for their drivers?

    A company car? Rental car? Or the cheapest rental they can get?

  4. This is a great niche, it’s interesting to see the behind the scenes, what cars they drive and who they attend with. Good job!

  5. Lando and Daniel work for McLaren, and they drive to the race track in Nissans. Someone is not thinking. Aston Martin and even Alpha Tauri were on top of marketing reality, why not the brand with the most exciting cars?

  6. Mercedes G-Wagon, exclusively built in Graz, Austria. Homebase of Dr. Helmut Marko. What a coincidence the RB drivers drive them to work 🙂

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