A Super Fun Assetto Corsa Mod That You Might Not Have Heard Of

A Super Fun Assetto Corsa Mod That You Might Not Have Heard Of

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The Virtual Race Academy Ford Escort Mk2 Rally Spec car and Mondello Park mods for Assetto Corsa are available via Digital-Motorsports.com for free.

Notes on the car: “The MKII Escort has been specially developed by us, in conjunction with WRC driver Craig Breen. It features the 2.5 ltr Millington Diamond engine (mapped as per Millingtons own dyno data), Sadev 6 speed sequential box and is available in LHD and RHD variants”

Notes on the track: “The Mondello Park National Circuit by Virtual Race Academy is the product of 2 years development and brings the home of Irish Motorsport back to our screens for the first time in over a decade. Released in collaboration with Mondello Park, this exciting and technical circuit provides a new challenge for Sim Racers globally”

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My rig:

CPU (AMD Ryzen 9 3900x):

Video Card (MSi Radeon RX 6800 XT GAMING X TRIO 16G):

Cockpit / Sim Rig (Next Level Racing GT Track):

Motion Platform / Seat Mover (Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3):

Button Box:

Direct Drive Wheelbase (Simxperience Accuforce Pro v2):

Wheel (Simxperience Formula Rim):

Pedals (Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint):

Shifter (Thrustmaster TH8A):

VR Headset (Oculus Rift):

Video: 1080p / 60fps


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  1. I've begun to appreciate the fun of wheeling around the Ford Escort Mk II in RBR. So, this is a nice addition to AS too. Though, it really belongs on a proper stage with a competent co-driver and good notes.

  2. That's a cool little beast Mike. I downloaded it and going to give it a shot this weekend. Question though.. how did you get the braking markers on the track to face the opposite way? Hmmm? Is that a CSP setting or what? DMAX

  3. Hey mike i recently bought the rss formula hybrid 2021 and was wondering how do i get the information to display on the steering wheel. mine is just blank

  4. We.. ok, I'll be honest. I need vintage touring cars. Early 60's ETCC (Wild times when fight between BMW 700 and Abarth 850TC teams at the end of 1963 season was decided by their Nürburgring performance), late 60's and Early 70's diversity and ballanced, similar on performance, different on designs, layouts and shapes group2 with its divisions (Especially div1 cars that almost don't exist on racing games).

  5. Memory lane…. My mate had a old yellow escort mk2, wanted to make it in to a Mexico lookalike… But then bought a new Ford Sierra! 🤣
    Thanks for the info 😍

  6. Love Mondello, I've been speculating there since the 70s, I know the track has been used in reverse a few times but never that I saw. My favourite memory of mondello is a toss up between seeing European rally cross in the late 80s or early 90s, a Jordan 191 racing in super boss, or seeing Senna win the Leicester trophy in 83 or 84 on the national circuit. The national circuit is fantastic fun to race pretty much anything on.

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