25 Things You Missed In Mortal Kombat

25 Things You Missed In Mortal Kombat

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Every Detail You Missed In The Mortal Kombat Movie

Three decades ago Mortal Kombat made a splash by being one of the most divisive games ever released. It’s also one of the most iconic franchises out there, spawning a dozen plus games and several rounds of feature films. With that much content, lore, and characters to pull from the makers of 2021’s Mortal Kombat had an opportunity to really dig in and pay homage to all the most memorable parts of the series and they ran with it. From fatalities to babalities, and spamming leg sweeps to apocalyptic fashion pieces, it’s all there. Or, at least, a lot of it is. Fans are already buzzing about the notable absence of some of the series most beloved characters and there’s a surprising lack of the titular Mortal Kombat despite the distinct presence of a lot of Kombat and a gruesome helping of ‘Mortal.’

So get out your dragon marks, fire up your arcana, and please make sure you aren’t eating anything while you join us for a discussion of twenty-five of the movies most insane, subtle, fascinating, and downright icky references you might have missed your first time through! Be enthralled by the breadth of details packed away in the background of each scene, be impressed by the sheer number of times the original creators of the game series managed to get their names snuck into the IP, and be entertained while your lovely host jumps through every linguistic hoop imaginable just to describe a few scenes without provoking a moral panic like the original video game did back in 1993!

0:00 Intro
0:34 Johnny cage
1:20 The tournament itself
2:03 Test your might
2:27 The MK theme plays
2:40 Spamming Legsweeps
3:00 The history of Kunai
3:36 Nightwolf in a book
4:16 Kotal Kahn is a statue
4:47 Magic Mike?
5:12 Sonya’s Weather Reports
5:35 Bo Rai Cho
5:51 Cole Wears Yellow
6:14 Jax suffers for his art
7:16 Eddie Tobias
7:38 Noob Saibot?!
8:12 Kombat not Combat
8:48 Kitana’s fans spotted
9:24 Kano nabs the necklace
10:50 Kano has a hand to heart with Reptile
11:36 Kano Wins!
11:56 Liu Kang has Big Dragon Energy
12:29 Jax claps back at Reiko
12:50 The Pit
13:18 Kung Lao has a scary hat
14:10 Bambino Boat Belies Babalities?!

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Written by: Nathan Savoy
Narrated by: Mario Bueno @EMP_Maniac
Edited by: Guillermo A

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  1. Who missed those 25 things? Don't get me wrong, these were great easter eggs, but most of them were quite in your face and obvious for those who know anything about MK.

  2. I think the biggest thing that every one missed is KANO STEALING SHINNOK AMULET IN THE RAIDEN TEMPLE… Might resurrect him for sequel 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. This movie was a terrible mortal kombat movie. Cole young? With all the characters in me they made one up and made the real characters secondary? I don’t know how any “fan” would call this a fun beyond the people just wanting fatalities and this list is just as shitty

  4. The creator of MK said he would support the hiring of The Miz as JC. Miz credits part of his persona in wrestling to being like Johnny Cage, so I could definitely see him playing JC in the sequel.

  5. I want two things
    I want a sequel and I want improvements 🙂 I'm very happy but I can tell they can do better and I'm gonna bet my cards the next one is gonna be a big step up

  6. I am so pissed off Kano kills reptile but then he gets down by Luke Kang with the same sweep move over and over and over Kano can't even fight how was he able to kill reptile Mortal Kombat director's effed-up this movie

  7. The speech raiden gives them at the end of the movie sounded super fimilar, does anyone know if it was from another movie or piece of media?

  8. I didn’t miss anything, scorpion didn’t have a second child! It wasn’t actually subzero who destroys scorpions clan! But quan chi disguised as SZ and used his clan. This movie was terrible now I know why Tobais part creator OF MK didn’t want to see it

  9. You got to be kidding me with this Miz crap as Cage. There are only 2 actors who should can Cage, Scott Adkins or Alain Moussi that's it. Because first the Miz doesn't have enough Martial Arts skill to play a Life long artist. And on top of that people would poop bricks if Cage didn't do the Chinese split nut punch and I've watched the Miz for years … he not getting to those splits.

  10. Kano died with the amulet. If they turn into ash and then recover consciousness and physical form in the Netherrealm, there's a good chance in this depiction that Kano is responsible for the return of Shinnok.

  11. Them mentioning Magic Mike makes me think of two actors to play Johnny Cage. Channing Tatum is obviously one. John Cena is the other. I feel like both would be entertaining as hell in this cast

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